Building, Zoning, Code Enforcement, & Floodplain Management

Welcome to the City of Starke’s Building & Zoning Department page! Here you’ll find helpful resources including all of our permits, forms, and frequently asked questions. The City of Starke’s Building & Zoning Department’s office hours are Monday-Thursday from 8 AM-4:30 PM and by appointment only on Friday.

To submit documents electronically or for building/zoning-related questions, please email

Due to ongoing phone outages, we are requesting Building & Zoning customers call our office cell at 904-930-3243. If we are unable to answer, please leave a voicemail with your message, name, and number and we will return your call within a regular business day.

Building Permit Applications

Forms Description
Solar Projects Application and Packet Used for Future Solar Projects
General Permit Application Used for most items, except roofing
Roofing Permit Application Used for roof permits
Residential Permit Checklist Used for new residential construction


Forms Description
Contractor Registration Form Used for registering as a contractor in the city
Comprehensive Plan Amendments Used for filing comprehensive plan amendments
Land Development Code Used for understanding the city’s land use regulations
LDC Amendment Used for filing land development code amendments
Notice of Commencement Used for notification to the City of a construction project
Variance Application Used for filing a variance for the land development code
Zoning Map View the city’s zoning map
Future Land Use Map View the city’s future land use map
Comprehensive Plan View Starke’s Comprehensive Plan
Code Enforcement Complaint Form Used for filing a Code Enforcement Complaint

Floodplain Management

Form Description
Floodplain Permit Application Used for floodplain development

Code Enforcement Portal

Skip the Drive,
Submit Your Documents Online!


Does the city accept scanned permitting documents? Yes for small scope projects!

Our most-used building permit applications are fillable online, and able to be sent electronically without having to visit the office.

What payments does the city accept for fees? At this time, the city only accepts cash or check for fees.

When are building inspections done? The city’s building inspector conducts inspections during the morning hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Please be sure to schedule an inspection at least a day in advance.

What are the city’s impact fees? The City of Starke has no impact fees for development of any kind.

How do I file a complaint for code enforcement? Fill out our code enforcement complaint form in the forms section, and email it to

Please note that Section 166.0415, Florida Statutes prohibits local governments from investigating anonymous code compliance complaints, and further prohibits code compliance officers from initiating a potential violation investigation stemming from an anonymous complaint. 

An individual MUST provide their name and address prior to an investigation occurring.

The City of Starke is currently updating our 2022 Permit Utilization Report and will have it posted on the website shortly.