Building, Code Enforcement, and Zoning

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The City of Starke Building and Zoning office is located at City Hall. All building permits and zoning applications will be issued at City Hall. This department handles all issues related to Code Enforcement, Building and Zoning. If you have any questions or complaints related to Building, Zoning, or Code Enforcement please contact the Building and Zoning Director. Except in very limited circumstances, Section 166.0415, Florida Statutes prohibits local governments from investigating anonymous code compliance complaints, and further prohibits code compliance officers from initiating a potential violation investigation stemming from an anonymous complaint.  An individual must provide their name and address prior to an investigation occurring.

Notice: As of August 6, 2015, there are no impact fees required for building within the City of Starke at this time due to Ordinance # 2013-0688. This ordinance places a moratorium on paying impact fees.

For electronic submission of documents or questions, please contact us at