Parks & Recreation



Downtown Square

About: Located at the heart of Downtown Starke, the Downtown Square serves as the city’s primary festival and outdoor event venue. The facility is home to a concert pavilion, and has electrical capabilities throughout the property. With the Fall 2023 completion of the nearby Starke Railroad Overpass Project on the horizon, the park will grow in size by more than 30,000 sq. feet and have increased capacity for parking and additional community events.
Address: 538 E. Call Street
Rental Information: Please contact City Hall.


Edwards Road Sports Complex & Splash Park

About: Our Edwards Road Park is home to numerous local sporting tournaments and activities. The facility boasts six softball fields, a pickleball court, racquetball court, skate park, kids playground, and most recently become home to a new splash park. The complex has bathroom facilities as well as a concession stand.
Address: 930 W. Edwards Road
Rental Information: Please contact City Hall to reserve facility or for more information.


Thomas Street Park

About: Thomas Street Park, in northeastern Starke, is home to picnic facilities, two tennis courts, a basketball court, and additional recreational activities. The park is also home to a walking trail, and has a football/soccer field available for public use.
Address: 885 Thomas Street
Rental Information: The community center is currently closed. Please contact City Hall for other pavilion.


Wainwright Park

About: Home to a large playground facility and swings, Starke’s Wainwright Park is a popular location for locals to bring their kids to play. The park is home to picnic facilities, restrooms, and a basketball court.
Address: 328 N. Church Street
Rental Information: Please contact City Hall.