Information Technology

The Information Technology Department facilitates technological progress, a key component of which is technological innovation. The department provides the maintenance and support necessary for a sound technological infrastructure and facilitates departmental operation of the city’s systems and applications.

The Information Technology Department identifies appropriate technology for city government use.  The department assists with implementation and training by functioning as the technology liaison with other governmental and non-governmental agencies in order to facilitate the sharing of data for city purposes.

The Director of Information Technology is responsible for the overall management of Information Technology resources.  The department is responsible for the management an support of city-wide mobile computer activities, the VoIP phone system, servers, e-mail, multi-function and standalone printers, as well as inward and outfacing security cameras.

With these tools, the department is poised to enable city departments to efficiently serve the citizens and develop time information for managing city operations that support the city’s mission and goals.

The management of the City’s website also falls under the Information Technology Department