Starke to Temporarily Suspend Electric and Water Disconnections


Effective August 3rd and until September 30th of 2022, the City of Starke will suspend customer disconnections of electric, water, and gas services due to delinquent payments of accounts with balances less than $300.

In addition, the City will waive newly accrued late fees through our September 30th grace period. From October 1st through the 31st, the same policy will exist for that month for those accounts with a balance of less than $150.

The City of Starke encourages customers to do their best to stay current on their bills. It is important to note that payments are being deferred, not waived. Beginning in November all current and past due amounts will have to be paid and your bill made current. This grace period will apply to any city customer, residential or business, who needs more time to pay their bill.

In addition, water and sewer bills have risen as a result of the Department of Environmental Protection requiring the City to upgrade its water and wastewater systems.

A customer’s sewer bill is determined by the amount of water used each month that is eventually treated by the wastewater plant. That cost can be mitigated in some cases by installing an irrigation water meter. Those wishing to explore the feasibility of installing an irrigation meter may contact the City Manager’s Office. To help with the cost, the City is offering a 30% discount until the end of the year.

These relief measures are a part of the City’s strategy to address high utility bills due to a combination of increased fuel costs and higher consumption during extreme summer temperatures.

We understand that costs are increasing in nearly every aspect right now, and the City is committed to continuing to find solutions that will bring down costs for our residents.

If you need assistance with your electric bill, the Suwanee River Economic Council may be able to help. More information can be found on their website at If you are over the age of 60, please call 904-964-4545.