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The City Of
Starke, Florida
209 North Thompson Street
Starke, FL 32091
(904) 964-5027   |   Fax: (904) 964-3998
A F T E R    H O U R S:
Utility Outage, Callouts: (904) 964-6161

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The City of Starke has established and maintains three Pension Plans for its employees. The General Pension Fund, The Police Department Pension Fund, and The Fire Department Pension Fund . The General Employees Pension Plan covers all other regular employees. We have developed pages for each fund which will contain. Please click the links below to access each Pension Fund Page. 

We are dedicated to a high level of customer satisfaction and understanding of retirement benefits. We welcome suggestions on improvements to our services or additions to this website.

General Pension Fund 
Police Department Pension Fund 
Fire Department Pension Fund 

Meeting Dates:
General Employees' Pension Board, Firefighters' Pension Board, and Police Officers' Pension Board all  meet quarterly the fourth Wednesday of the months of January, April, July, and October at the City Commission Room - 209 North Thompson Street.